1. Hormduk hotel exterior
    Garden Cottage
    Complete privacy
  2. Hormduk resort garden cottage
    Individual Accommodation
    + Garden Seating
  3. Hormduk resort living room
    Private Living Room
    with smart TV, free WiFi
  4. Living room sofa
    Hormduk Resort living room with Refrigerator, Sofa Bed
  5. Bedroom at Hormduk Resort
    Air-conditioned bedroom, Floating bed
  6. Bed at Hormduk hotel
    Sleep in cool comfort
  7. Bathroom at Hormduk Resort
    Private en-suite bathroom, Modern shower
  8. Spicy basil pork at Hormduk hotel
    Food / drink to order
    Spicy basil pork + egg
  9. Green Papaya Salad
    Green Papaya Salad - Spicy Thai!
  10. Red Lotus Lake
    Talay Bua Daeng / Red Lotus Sea
    2 mins away!
  11. Red Lotus Sea Udon Thani
    Red Lotus Lake

Photos of Hormduk Resort at the Red Lotus Sea, Udon Thani

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The photo carousel features images of Hormduk Resort. These include photos of the exterior of the cottages in their garden setting, where each bungalow enjoys its own outdoor table and chairs for al fresco dining or as a place to enjoy a drink in the evening.

The following pictures show the living room of each unit, with a 40 inch smart TV, refrigerator and convertible sofa-bed. Tea and coffee making appliances are included.

Then come photos of a bedroom at Hormduk Resort, with its floating bed. The lighting in the bedroom may be set at different levels and colours, depending upon your mood - bright lights for reading or subdued floor-level LED lighting for relaxation.

Pictures of the bathroom follow, with its walk-in shower, recessed shelving and shower seat.

You will also find photos of the typical Thai dishes we enjoy cooking for guests at the resort, such as spicy basil-fried pork over rice or a traditional green papaya salad. Meals may be ordered from the in-room menu.

And finally a few shots of the "Red Lotus Sea", with its spectacular blooming water lilies. (This is not a typo! The lake is known throughout Thailand as the Talay Bua Daeng, or Red Lotus Sea, but in fact the vast majority of the blooms are pink - purple water lilies, rather than red lotus flowers!)

Floorplan of your room at Hormduk Resort

Floorplan of Hormduk Resort